We showcase services for the Maritime, Shipping, Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy sectors. The service sector is going through rapid changes globally and corporates are trying their best to raise the par to meet customer needs. There is a greater focus to improve the efficiency of services and a control over the service providers including the ones in-house. KPI’s are being monitored on regular basis for each and every staff function. Employees and service providers connected with services are more efficient and focussed than they were a few years ago. Consumers are gaining control over services and are being guaranteed deliveries of products and services within a few hours.

Energy sectors have varied services arrangements with Tier type of contractors and their selection is based on the services track records. Oil majors and Clients check for past records, health and safety standards etc before awarding contracts. In the Maritime sector, almost every function is unique and the outsourcing model works well. From the Shipyard stage to the demolition of Ships, there is a greater focus on services. Maritime sector is highly regulated sector and service function undergoes routine upgradation and changes. Services include health and safety, technical management, procurement, crewing, commercial management etc. The QHSE function needs constant support in terms of asset inspections, compliance audits (ISM), ISPS/ISO audits, environmental audits, navigational audits etc. Inspection and audits of vessels is a niche skill gained by people over time and quality of service provider depends largely on the experience of the team and the firm.

Our featured service provider is serving the Maritime and Oil and gas sector since 2010. For further details on the featured product, Click Here