In the Maritime sector, there are various IT-based solutions developed either in-house or outsourced by Companies. On the thousands of sailing vessels, various IT solutions are installed making it difficult for the crews to operate such product and solutions. We are trying to bring to market with our marketing strategy unique IT-based solutions which will integrate various such systems and assist in the simplifaction process. Shipping companies who operate in this sector are finding ways to reduce the Opex when markets are unfavourable and to increase efficiency.

Managing HSEQ for Companies is a complex process and the usage of excel sheets to record PPE, LTI, LTAF are old and traditional ways to do things. Trend analysis and learning from mistakes are the process-based approach for which an automated and easy to operate technology-based systems and process are essential. Customers and Oil majors prefer simple reporting and inspection recording for which the HSEQ, Vetting functions within a Company require PDCA cycle approach. Conducting gap analysis using trends are required at every stage of the process. A technology-based product and service offerings will not only simplify such process but will help QHSE Managers to identify areas which require immediate attention.

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