OceanManager Inc, is a USA based enterprise established in 2008. OceanManager assists Maritime Companies (both onshore and offshore operations), Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Operators in managing their assets efficiently and safely. Their software is deployed on over 900 vessels operating globally and used by over 36000 vessel users (crews) and over 4500 shore-based users in the Companies. OceanManager products are mHSEQ, SeaRM60, mAuditor which have been up and running successfully on-board vessels and in Shipping Companies. Some features of these software suites are app based and help employees to access them on the go. For a demo of these products, contact us today;

mHSEQ – It is the premier software suite as a bundled package to ensure smooth compliance with QHSE standard rules and regulations. It incorporates the international rules and regulations prevailing in the Maritime industry as laid down by IMO and governing bodies. The suite modules are user-friendly for the shore staff and for crews operating onboard vessels. mHSEQ reduces the paperwork as the SMS is controlled and part of the system. Key modules of the software are Rest Hours Management with QR Code, Certificate Management, Audits, Inspections, and Vetting, Risk Management, Knowledge Manager, Ship Shore Reporting, Vessel Particulars, Port Forms, Analysis & Reporting etc.

SeaRM360 – It is an analytics software designed to provide senior management with an integrated view of their entire fleet. SeaRM360 integrates data generated from HQSE, Technical, Crewing, Finance and Compliance software, and any other data sources that your company subscribes to. Using this data, SeaRM360 gives you actionable intelligence with which you can make more informed decisions for your fleet. Key modules of the software are BIOME, VesTrak, VesRIM etc.

mAuditor – It is an automated compliance auditing and surveying software. It is a cloud-based, cross-device, multi-platform, mobile and web solution that can be deployed in the field on smartphones and tablets, moreover, it can be operated both online and offline. This cost-effective software simplifies and streamlines the tedious, complex and time intensive audit process for both auditors and vessel owners. Key modules of the software are Checklist, Analytics, Library, Machine learning/AI, Media, reports etc.

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OceanManager has developed Apps (Playstore and Appstore) which are benefecial at all levels within Shipping companies;

Vesrim (Vessel relationship and information management) is a unique app which displays all data relevant to the vessel/fleet and helps the line managers and executives stay on top of daily operational affairs. It has an in-built chat for all personnel connected to the vessel to chat and maintain records.

Vestrak is an innovative app which tracks vessels in a fleet and provides a quick overview of vessels on a map. Its features include vessels position, piracy zones, alerts,  ice zones, weather overlay, routing and distance, etc. Owners and Managers can monitor and assist their offshore employees (auditors, Superintendents) using this app. Depending on the functions within an organization, its features can be enabled to suit individual needs.

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