About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of experts who have experience in start-ups and strategy. Our extensive corporate work experience in B2B and B2C work environments helps us appreciate the client’s requirement from an end-user perspective. We focus on analysis, research, collating qualitative and quantitative data and detailed studies.

What and how we do it?

We understand a Companies product/service and assist them in their business development and marketing strategy by;

  • Analysing the country/region where the companies wish to place their product/service.
  • Macro-environmental case studies.
  • Preparing strategies based on the strategic environment where the companies operate.
  • Competitor analysis and profiling.
  • Marketing strategy – STP process, pricing strategy etc
  • Business Development – Participate in the companies process and identify areas for focused business

Exclusive and channel partnerships;

  • We partner with a company and take the product/service to market with a ready to go strategy.
  • Promote extensively in a country/region with a result-oriented workflow.