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FTechService.com is a unique innovative platform offering technology products which are future ready and services under one roof. Advancement in technologies such as AI, Block Chain etc and services require a showcase platform on the web for global visibility and to reach customers at lightning speed. Our unique marketing propositions ensure that our Clients products are promoted and sold to niche end-users. For end-users of such products and services, we will endeavour to simplify the process of registration, purchase and in the decision making strategy. Products which are future ready will ease the operational concerns of users, be cost-effective and easy to operate. Our competitive advantage rests in bridging the gap between products/services and users in the most smooth and cost-effective manner.

We offer this unique platform to companies whose products and services are used in Industries such as;

  • Maritime
  • Oil and Gas – Onshore and Offshore
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Energy
  • Mining

For the Maritime sector, our platform showcases products and services such as ism audit, ship management software, vessel management software, marine fleet management software, vessel maintenance software which are undergoing latest technological innovations using AI, Blockchain, robotics etc.